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Total Dynamic Functioning Zen Temple


650 S. Cochran, #3, Los Angeles, California, 90036, (323) 954-8945


The purpose of the Detroit Street Zen Center is to settle completely in the present moment, non-conceptual mind, the mind that sees things as they are and to actualize this mind (live it) in daily life. Non-conceptual mind experiences life prior to any conceptual grid work or computer print out of reality. It is direct communion with everything; it is our original being-spontaneous, organic, creative, totally inclusive and full of boundless energy. It is totally functioning, totally intent on relationship and process, rather than on outcome or self gratification. It is the manifestation of the completely mature human being. 

The core of the practice is zazen, sitting meditation, which is the most direct way to settle into non-conceptual mind. This is manifested in daily life as cooking, serving, eating meals and work; in other words, it is grounded in everyday life, in everything we do. There are daily sittings in the morning and evening, two day retreats each month, morning service (chanting the scriptures), work periods (Soji) and Saturday morning meditation style breakfast (oryoki). 



Saturdays are a full day, offering meditation, morning service, meditation style breakfast, lecture, tea, communal work and lunch. Various Buddhist scriptures are studied throughout the year and private interview with the teacher (dokusan) is always available upon request.




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